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Don’t decrease the goal, increase the effort

We accelerate sales growth for high-potential companies.

Don’t decrease the goal, increase the effort

We accelerate sales growth for high-potential companies.

” Edwin is an inspiring colleague and team builder. With a refreshing approach, he ensures that successes are celebrated and people push their limits. Together, we are heading for an ambitious BHAG. Edwin is always sharp-witted and has a good sense of humor. For me personally he is a super coach “
Paul Verheul – Cloud strategy and Digital Experience at Sentia Netherlands

Nice to meet you.

Nice to e-meet you, my name is Edwin Kennedy and I have been helping companies achieve exponential growth for over 20 years.

Over the years I have built an international network of incredible partners, companies, clients and teams that can help in your growth journey.

My team and I work mostly with leadership teams and investors to accelerate sales growth for high-potential companies like yours.

By combining the perspective gained from 20+ years of optimising sales and with the transformational power of multi-generational collaboration – we can guide, advise, and champion as your company grows.

Here’s how we do this:

– Performance coaching

– Sales funnel optimisation

– Building effective sales teams

– Devising roadmaps and informing strategy

” I got to know Edwin when we became their biggest customer or better partner. He surprised me by not being a typical all sales type of person. He takes a holistic view, values the personal relationship a lot and at the right moment is suddenly a very efficient ‘cut the crap’ sales person that get things done. “

Paul Otten – Business director at British Telecom

You are unique.

Every business is unique and faces its own challenges during growth. That’s why I take the time to understand and define your vision, the people and culture of your company and implement proven strategies to help you grow.

One of those strategies is what I like to call “SVS”, SalesPulse Value Selling.

This will provide your team guidance, help them easily qualify opportunities and define a better proposal – which will lead to a higher closing rate by winning deals because you provide the most value to your client.

Click here for a preview of the fundamentals, the phases and a checklist.

We can discuss in great detail how this works and will help you grow, over a cup of coffee.

” Edwin has a clear vision on how to move forward. He’s creative in doing a deal with a customer and ‘cuts to the chase’ rather quickly. It’s a style I personally like very much. Looking forward to doing business again. “

Herke Plantenga – Founder and director of NovoServe

Schedule a chat.

I am excited to be meeting you and looking forward to having a chat about your vision for the company.

Use the message field to let me know when would be a good moment for you to meet and I will confirm our meeting today.

” Edwin is an intelligent, intuitive sales leader. He has an uncanny sense for what is coming next and how a smart company can get ready to benefit from it. That comes to life in his work with SalesPulse, which combines cross-generational collaboration with deep sales expertise and a proven ability to get results for American companies looking to develop business in Europe. “

Kate Yandoh Harris, Business Storyteller