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Don’t decrease the goal, increase the effort

We accelerate sales growth for high-potential companies.

Don’t decrease the goal, increase the effort

We accelerate sales growth for high-potential companies.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to e-meet you, my name is Edwin Kennedy and I have been helping companies achieve exponential growth for over 20 years.

Over the years I have built an international network of incredible partners, companies, clients and teams that can help in your growth journey.

My team and I work mostly with leadership teams and investors to accelerate sales growth for high-potential companies like yours.

By combining the perspective gained from 20+ years of optimising sales and with the transformational power of multi-generational collaboration – we can guide, advise, and champion as your company grows.

Here’s how we do this:

– Performance coaching

– Sales funnel optimisation

– Building effective sales teams

– Devising roadmaps and informing strategy

” If it’s about visioning, change management and business development I highly recommend the services of Edwin Kennedy. I met Edwin in the period of 2014 – 2017 when I was President CEO of Guardian Group Fatum based in Curacao. In that period we successfully embarked on a journey to expand the wings of Guardian Group Fatum to provide insurance products and services in the Netherlands. For us, a new market, a new business culture, and the need to adopt to innovative Information systems. Edwin was paramount in the strategy sessions, change management endeavors and IT deployment needed to successfully develop the business. His inspiring nature and ability to make change happen was a critical success factor. I look back with great satisfaction to the successful business endeavors of Guardian Group Fatum in the Netherlands, which are still growing, year after year. A special thanks to Edwin for his valuable contribution. “

Steven Martina – Former Minister of Economic Development and Vice Prime Minister of Curaçao

You are unique.

Every business is unique and faces its own challenges during growth. That’s why I take the time to understand and define your vision, the people and culture of your company and implement proven strategies to help you grow.

One of those strategies is what I like to call “SVS”, SalesPulse Value Selling.

This will provide your team guidance, help them easily qualify opportunities and define a better proposal – which will lead to a higher closing rate by winning deals because you provide the most value to your client.

Click here for a preview of the fundamentals, the phases and a checklist.

We can discuss in great detail how this works and will help you grow, over a cup of coffee.

” One of a kind…

Edwin Kennedy is one of those rare people one only can hope to meet and experience at least once in a professional career or lifetime.
I have known Edwin for 2 years in his role of CCO at The Datacenter Group and reported directly in to him.
It should go without saying that he is a remarkable executive talent, with an eye for not only growing traditional business, but also seeking out new opportunities to expand the business, forming a well balanced and creative Sales and Marketing team, drive change into the organization and continously challenging the status quo internally during meetings and externally with customers and prospects.

Edwin always has taken his role seriously and is passionate about the result. Achieving 350% growth and 120% of the sales target could not have been accomplished without his passion on driving performance, he is truly a natural leader, and fights hard for his beliefs and those of his teammembers. He is eminently best in a group environment, and is consciously proactive at getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the best results possible. He has a very effective personal style, and will be looked to for continued executive leadership.

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Edwin, and sincerely belief he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, high level strategic way of thinking and creativity to any company. He has my highest recommendation. “

Jerry Gopal – Team lead at Sentia Netherlands

Schedule a chat.

I am excited to be meeting you and looking forward to having a chat about your vision for the company.

Use the message field to let me know when would be a good moment for you to meet and I will confirm our meeting today.

” Edwin is an old friend and good advisor from my days when i held the CIO portfolio with Achmea and later Eureko group: even after i left and had some other business responsibilities in the pension & investment industry including IT, he was an honest trusted advisor to me. As a former executive in the Indian Technology scene he is also involved in my current activities in Indian business and diaspora affairs. “

Ryan Tewari – Managing director / CEO Mahler Fund Management