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    If you have read the book “how to sell” than you know how it is done in practice by working with Edwin. Edwin uses a very collaborative and natural sales approach and creates in this way a lot of opportunities. His fundamental competences are based upon a very high EQ. Leading to a very pleasant way of working with Edwin, but he will give no room, he will push and he will be very focused once it comes to closing.

    Co van Leeuwen MBA, Business Transformation Manager | Capgemini

    Edwin has a clear vision on how to move forward. He’s creative in doing a deal with a customer and ‘cuts to the chase’ rather quickly. It’s a style I personally like very much. Looking forward to doing business again.

    Herke Plantenga, Owner/Director NovoServe

    I got to know Edwin when we became their biggest customer or better partner. He surprised me by not being a typical all sales type of person. He takes a holistic view, values the personal relationship a lot and at the right moment is suddenly a very efficient ‘cut the crap’ sales person that get things done.

    Paul Otten, Business Director at BT

    One of a kind…

    Edwin Kennedy is one of those rare people one only can hope to meet and experience at least once in a professional career or lifetime. I have known Edwin for 2 years in his role of CCO at The Datacenter Group and reported directly in to him. It should go without saying that he is a remarkable executive talent, with an eye for not only growing traditional business, but also seeking out new opportunities to expand the business, forming a well balanced and creative Sales and Marketing team, drive change into the organization and continously challenging the status quo internally during meetings and externally with customers and prospects.

    Edwin always has taken his role seriously and is passionate about the result. Achieving 350% growth and 120% of the sales target could not have been accomplished without his passion on driving performance, he is truly a natural leader, and fights hard for his beliefs and those of his team members. He is eminently best in a group environment, and is consciously proactive at getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the best results possible. He has a very effective personal style, and will be looked to for continued executive leadership.

    I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Edwin, and sincerely belief he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, high level strategic way of thinking and creativity to any company. He has my highest recommendation.

    Jerry-GopalJerry Gopal, Salesmanager New Business The Datacenter Group

    I have worked with Joshua Kennedy at various occasions on various customer challenges. I trusted upon his multiple disciplines on which he always surprised me in his stellar performance. Joshua is a genuine ‘fixer’ as he solves issues swiftly, creatively and with perseverance and passion for the job and the client! Joshua has truly an original skill set on digital marketing, front end development and business development in general. Besides that, Joshua is a great person to work with. I highly recommend Joshua.

    Lucas Schouten, Beunis & Schouten

    J’ai fait faire mon site à SalesPulse et j’en suis très contente ! Robin est à l’écoute et donne de bons conseils ! Réponses rapides à mes mails et modifications fait rapidement également ! Je les recommanderai dans le futur et continue mon expérience avec eux ! Top !

    Celestine van den Hoek, Imagina Design

    WtR Software executed on behalf of SalesPulse a Business Development project for Enterprise Accounts. The whole process of introduction, maintaining relationship, executing invoices and payments as well as frequent support has been excellent. Not only its quality, but also the speed of action/reaction has been impressive. Moreover, interacting with Joshua is a pleasure, because he is listening and executing, once the call has ended, a real professional. We recommend Joshua and his organisation wholeheartedly and sure that we will cooperate again!

    Ger van Nijkerken, WtR Software

    Edwin is an intelligent, intuitive sales leader who has an uncanny sense for what is coming next and how a smart company can get ready to benefit from it. That comes to life in his work with SalesPulse driven by creative collaboration across generations paired with their sales expertise and ability to get results for American companies looking to develop business in Europe.

    Kate Yandoh Harris, Jekyll Island Authority

    Ik heb de samenwerking met SalesPulse als zeer prettig ervaren, na een dag lang met onder andere Edwin Kennedy gezeten te hebben heb ik zijn bijdrage als zeer waardevol ervaren in het opstellen van een 3jarenplan voor onze nieuwe onderneming. Met Joshua talloze keren samengezeten om nieuwe concepten uit te werken, hem zou ik het best omschrijven als een duizendpoot waarmee je over elk onderwerp wel kan sparren. Zeer recent voor het eerst een interview met Robin mogen doen, hierna ook nog een zeer interessant gesprek gehad en veel nieuws geleerd over de mogelijkheden van Social Media en Branding.

    Jonas Harrewijn, CryptoDC

    Wij hebben een heel goede ervaring met SalesPulse. Leuke club mensen met verfrissende en bovenal creatieve ideeën. Ze hebben ons geadviseerd op het het gebied van marketing. Ook hebben ze diverse marketingmiddelen voor ons ontwikkelend. Ik kan iedereen SalesPulse aanraden.

    Lisa da Licho, The Datacenter Group

    Voor mij, zo’n 10 jaar geleden als beginnend ondernemer was het heel prettig om met Edwin Kennedy te klankboarden over we Otwee als organisatie konden laten groeien. Nu, 10 jaar verder, zie ik de samenwerking met SalesPulse als een logisch gevolg van wat we destijds zijn gestart. Een leuke en professionele club mensen, ieder met hun eigen expertise, waarmee we een boost aan onze broodnodige sales capaciteiten kunnen geven.

    Bob Montijn, Otwee ICT

    Pro-actief; heldere en duidelijke afspraken, korte lijnen. Kortom; een tevreden klant!

    Monique Schoonen, ATN Makelaardij

    De samenwerking met SalesPulse heeft mij geholpen om een andere doelgroep aan te spreken, mijzelf als ondernemer te ontwikkelen en mijn bedrijf te laten groeien. Daarnaast ben zijn wij inmiddels onderdeel geworden van SalesPulse en is Woman in Marketing preferred supplier geworden voor alle marketing vraagstukken bij (cliënten van) SalesPulse.

    Robin Simons, Woman in Marketing

    Als nieuwsgierige ondernemers is het vaak moeilijk om focus te houden op je kernactiviteiten. Door het uitstekende netwerk, brede kennis van de commercie en de prettige samenwerking met SalesPulse hebben we de hoognodige focus aangebracht.

    Hubert Groen, Otwee ICT

    Enorme kennis van zaken. Snel handelen en direct oplossen staat bovenaan bij SalesPulse. Als je zelf de creativiteit in huis hebt, is het een mooi huwelijk.

    Michel Poort, Heartbeats

    De samenwerking met SalesPulse heeft voor AvePoint een nieuwe impuls gegeven voor de Nederlandse markt. Met name het inbrengen van een duidelijke visie op de enterprise markt is direct merkbaar in onze activiteiten en de pijplijn.

    Hylke van der Velde, AvePoint

    Als jonge ondernemer was Edwin Kennedy mijn coach, leermeester en begeleider. Vanaf de start van BrandPit en in de jaren die volgden heb ik samen met SalesPulse de grote lijnen en meer specifiek, de sales proposities vorm gegeven en succesvol uit kunnen rollen. Door de verschillende fasen van het bedrijf heen, kon Edwin als buitenstaander in de huid kruipen van wat ik als ondernemer moest ontwikkelen, of waar ik beter anderen voor kon vinden.

    Danne de Vries, BrandPit

    Edwin is a very experienced principal sales consultant with a passion for sales. During the period I worked with Edwin, I experienced him as a very pleasant colleague, straight forward and a motivator for his team. His strengths are managing the sales process, stakeholders and setting up the sales strategy which a key for success in achieving the goal of closing the deal. I learned a lot of his way of working and approach and hope to work again with him in the near future. Thanks Edwin.

    Jo Steuns, DSM & Medtronic

    As principal Transition manager / program manager I worked with Edwin in various challenging bid projects at Capgemini. It is a pleasure to work with Edwin: his drive, spirit to win, direct communication and customer centricity are key assets of Edwin.

    Wim Hoevenaren, CapGemini

    In 2011 I met Edwin when he became commercial director of the startup Intrasurance Technology Services. Quickly we started working together and after two years we have managed to create a vast customer base including international insurers and green fields.

    Edwin has a strong strategic outlook and is always looking for new opportunities. This combination of analytical and commercial skills create value for every company he works at.

    Thomas van Schijndel, Intrasurance

    Within my role as senior bid manager I worked together with Edwin on various sales pursuits. The collaboration with Edwin has always been a great pleasure. Edwin is a principal sales with not only a lot of sales and market knowledge, but also has the ability to read people as they truly are instead of judging a book by its cover. This together with his passion for sales allow him to outline a clear sales strategy and make him a great asset to any sales team.
    I have enjoyed working together with Edwin and would recommend everybody to take the opportunity to setup a team with Edwin in case the opportunity arises.

    Menno Wartenbergh, CapGemini

    Edwin and I worked together when I was working for VvAA insurance. Edwin has great business knowledge and understanding of client needs. He is very pragmatic in his approach. He is a true professional: reliable, flexible and approachable.

    Karin Annaert MBA, Rosa Spierhuis

    Edwin is strong in new business development. He can start from scratch and is capable of building relationships fast. He is very focused and can work tirelessly towards the shared goal. Edwin is a team player always offering support to his colleagues.

    Herbert P. Celen, CapGemini

    Edwin is an old friend and good advisor from my days when i held the CIO portfolio with Achmea and later Eureko group: even after i left and had some other business responsibilities in the pension & investment industry including IT, he was an honest trusted advisor to me. As a former executive in the Indian Technology scene he is also involved in my current activities in Indian business and diaspora affairs.

    Ryan Tewari, Mahler Fund Management

    A true sales professional, excellent network in banking and insurance which he uses effectively, great drive and ability to kick start pipeline development and close deals. Able to go the extra mile, perseverance and results oriented. High ethical standards and a nice guy to work with, happy to recommend.

    Mark van Dijk, CSC

    Edwin loves to combine his passion for martial arts with doing business, applying the practice of looking toward people who will coach him and in turn looking toward the people with whom he will share his knowledge. This openness to learning and coaching is the foundation of his success. Edwin has aligned this attitude of openness to his other passion for Sales Coaching. He has developed relationships with entrepreneurs around the world, confidently coaching them to apply unique innovations for successful development.

    Patti Micalizio, Q Challenge

    In mijn periode als directeur marketing bij VvAA hebben Edwin en ik samen gewerkt om de schade verzekeraar naar volgende generatie te brengen. Hierbij heeft Edwin Cloud, SaaS & STP oplossing van Intrasurance geholpen te implementeren en heeft hij onze teams met een aantal workshops naar Digital gebracht.

    Niels Hovestad, Brand New Job & Hovestad Interim Management

    I have hired Edwin to further boost sales competencies of (senior) sales executives. He creates trust in short time and we receive constant positive feedback about his high impact, extensive sales experiences and his ability to create new insights. We therefor recommend Edwin.

    Erwin Hemmen, Infradata

    High performing consultancy. Long and broad experience that stands for concrete and hands-on coaching / advice. Elijah was of enormous value to me during my first challenges as a Sales Manager.

    Pascal van Roosmalen, KPN

    Edwin heeft sterke drive en is een echt commercieel beest. Hij kan organisaties op sleeptouw nemen naar een nieuwe strategie , Fijne vent om mee te werken.

    Hans van der Laan, Atos

    Prima Sales intervisie gehad met Edwin Kennedy.
    Edwin spiegelt snel, komt voortvarend tot bruikbare suggesties, weet zijn beeld goed te onderbouwen met praktijk voorbeelden

    Dirk Paans, KPN

    Enthusiastic and experienced business professional with great commercial skills. Always looking for growth through long term relations. Great person to work with as he is straightforward, honest and dedicated.

    Martijn ten Kate, Salesforce