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Building a commercial team for Sentia

“Don’t decrease the Goal, Increase the Effort” #thankyou #team .

Since the beginning of 2021 we have worked on the mission to build One Commercial Sentia Netherlands Team.

We started with a group of individuals with different backgrounds after years of “Buy And Build” strategy.

We helped to rebuild, professionalise and refocus the Commercial Department.

We implemented SalesPulse Value Selling and empowered the fantastic people in our team.

We worked closely with brilliant partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dynatrace, Nexthink, Splunk, Microsoft Azure DevOps

Now it is time to let my buddies Paul Verheul and Jeffrey de Haan take it from here and move on to the next projects.

Thank you so much great Team:
Joline Windhorst, Mari van Wagtendonk, Inge Vollebregt, Benne van den Dool, Anton Timmer, Aike Rosdorff, Aziz Omari, Maurice Becker, Willem-Jan Goossens, Jerry Gopal, Fabian Hendrikse, Micha Kaltenecker, Justin Kemp, Jeroen Kruize, Matthias van Lummel, Samuel Mogendorff, Martijn Plasmans, Storm Stooker, Szabolcs Gulacsi, Merijn Roovers, Mark van Bezel, Mark van den Tol, Rik van der Brugge, Stef Venner, Remco Wikkeling and Sander Zeilstra!

Shine on you crazy diamonds!