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CAAS (Interview)

Our newly launched CAAS method, (sounds like “cause” in our Dutch accents) “Commerce As A Service” goes beyond simply sales to ensuring effective marketing, communication, and coaching by putting the right team in place for your goals and your organization.

As critical as sales is, it’s not all there is. Marketing and other functions have to function effectively, and that’s what we make happen for our clients. Emma, an intern at Woman in Marketing, part of SalesPulse, talked with Edwin about this new way of working.


Time and time again, we see companies expect to see explosive growth by finding and hiring one or two good salespeople. Yet succeeding in commerce is a team sport, and a team consists of contributors with different skills, working together to reach a shared (and higher) goal. Together, sales, marketing, and communication often help deliver results, but that combination isn’t a long-term solution – at least, it isn’t if you want to build a robust business that allows you to reap the benefits of your current efforts and investments. We talk about this more in the article “Business is a Team Sport


Companies want to know in advance what something will cost and what it will deliver . We use this desire for predictability in the CAAS method. On the basis of a client’s vision, we we get to work assembling what they need to reach their goals and realize their dreams. We look at all elements of the company, just as a COO would do. Then we put the right people and resources in place to achieve results.

Within our team, we have an array of strong, diverse players ready to step in at any time, not alone in the sales field but also in marketing and communication – because, without effective marketing and communication tools, you won’t get the desired result, especially not over the long term.

“We lay the foundation for real growth using our unique CAAS method. We believe in the power of combining sales, marketing, communication, and the right people to successfully drive business. Clients tell us what their dream is, and we make it a reality.” -Edwin Kennedy, Growth Director @ SalesPulse


As Edwin puts it: “A CEO is in many ways like a football coach. They are brought in to put together a team, work to improve how they play, and go out and win games. So it’s interesting that you see is that nearly every coach, however successful they are, gets fired after a time or decided to leave. That doesn’t mean that the coach isn’t any good or is doing a bad job. Instead that the organization and the team at that particular moment needs another skill set. I see that all the time in business, that organizations try to keep good salespeople on staff. When those people have been working for a company long enough, after a time, they lose their energy, edge, creative spark. Their focus shifts to keeping themselves in a comfortable place instead of driving to meet new goals.

As I see it, it makes much more sense to stay open to bringing different kinds of contributors for the task at hand, ideally with different generations on board. That combination of talent and mindset from different generations, what you see in our ContinuousNEXT not only works to your immediate benefit, but it’s also in a sense ‘future-proof’ and well suited to a time of dramatic and rapid change.”


We started SalesPulse to drive sales and help businesses grow. Commercial success is vital, alongside that, we have our own version of the Digital Transformation embedded in the DNA of our approach; we believe in the power of true inter-generational collaboration and the value of seamless integration of disciplines across organizations. If you’re thinking long-term, sales alone isn’t enough. Most companies require solid marketing and communications tools created and supported by the right people for the task and the time, to get their message across across platforms, in person and online. When you mix this with a strong network and the latest digital tools you can get marketing and sales working in tandem to your benefit. We make sure the right experts are available to you to make that happen.

Curious about what the CAAS method can mean for your business? Grab a (virtual) coffee with our Growth Director and CAAS specialist.