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Our why

✝ 7 November 2021:

Sadly, Aaron passed away on November 7th, 2021. In celebration of his life and in honour of his memory through continuing to help those who could use a hand, we have created the Friends of Aaron fund. Donate – better help someone near you visit, a walk or simply a good conversation – call Edwin Kennedy on (+31630850866) if you would like to contribute or learn more.

Original article:

Every day, two things inspire us to make things happen at SalesPulse: our passion for boosting businesses and our purpose, Aäron Elijah Kennedy.

Our “why”

SalesPulse was born from a range of reasons and a few different dreams. We thrive on coming in to work within different kinds of businesses to deliver real results.

And it’s equally important to build something beautiful for Aäron Elijah Kennedy, the son of Edwin Kennedy.

Aäron was born with a cognitive impairment known as ‘Sotos Syndrome.’ In his case, it means living with epilepsy and digestive issues.

Aäron is a tall, friendly, warmhearted guy who happens to have challenges that require him to depend on others.

Serving with solutions

Drawing on a broad and successful business background, Edwin Kennedy wanted to do something to contribute to a better future for his son and for others like him.

Improving business and inspiring futures

Aäron inspires us to find ways to benefit others in similar situations by extending the benefits of our growing businesses.

These include ongoing financial support, and, even more fun, hosting regular outings at the Efteling amusement park for Aäron and his friends.

We want to someday create more ‘Thomas Houses’ like the one that means so much to us and for Aäron, so that more people with cognitive challenges can have a supportive place where they are warmly cared for with ample support from skilled professionals.

To be able to work toward this goal and to see positive impacts on the businesses we serve along with this mission – is truly a gift.