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Sharing knowledge is a must

The members of the association have spoken: Dutch Cloud Community will do more to represent the industry and will keep a keen eye on political developments. In the change process, the board has now appointed a new director. Edwin Kennedy is a name that many already know; his track record is long and international.

Growth is his motivation. He likes to set a big goal and navigate it steadfastly, while at the same time being very interested in taking on board as much new information as possible.

Kennedy would like to encourage people to get in touch with the association and join. “Dutch Cloud Community does everything that has to do with the internet. It actually breaks down into three points. Meeting people is very important, that is paramount. This can be done at our many events, including Dutch Night @ CloudFest and our Summer BBQ.”

“Dutch Cloud Community represents the sector in politics and in the media. It ensures that as an entrepreneur you do not have to navigate solo. When the trade association responds to a case, we do so with professional knowledge and from a broad base. Politics likes to have one central point of contact. The more members we have, the stronger we are in this regard.”

“The third factor is support for our community through various publications, working groups and knowledge sessions on legislation and regulations, legal matters, sustainability and market insights.”

Kennedy is passionate about helping others to enrich their lives and work. He likes to refer to his long experience in martial arts. “An important part of karate is the so-called line up. Then you think of a line of people, arranged from beginner at one end to teacher at the other. See yourself in that line and don’t think: Ha, I’m so much better than that beginner. And also not: Oh dear, I am not yet at the level of an expert. That is not the purpose of the line up. What matters is that you see yourself as part of the community, as part of progress: Who can I learn from? And who can I teach something to? That’s how you grow. The great Confucius said it: ‘In every art the great masters were first students’.”

As the new director of Dutch Cloud Community, he sees himself emphatically standing next to Simon Besteman and Ruud Alaerds. He praises their knowledge and experience and says, “Simon focuses on Public Affairs. Ruud is the man for Operations. I can add something commercially, and I am happy to share that.” His own job description includes Strategy, Growth, and Ultimate Responsibility. The clear division of roles allows everyone to show the best of their abilities.

A spearhead is breaking down what Kennedy calls the tie ceiling. He has been bringing technical heroes into contact with people from the corporate world for years. They need each other, but cannot always understand each other. Facilitating communication is precisely where Kennedy’s strength lies.

How does he see the future of Dutch Cloud Community? He emphasizes that he has only just arrived, but can already say something about the background of the policy plan that is currently in the making. In order to bring people into contact with each other and to exert influence on politics and the public, it is important that the association grows in members and partners.

Extra attention will be paid to putting the Dutch Cloud Community on the map so that, for example, the media pays more attention to topics that concern its members. Dutch Cloud Community wants to communicate clearly in matters that are often abstract to outsiders. “Sharing knowledge must, should, and is appropriate” is the motto of the new director.

Continuing to influence legislation and regulations remains very important. “We make this very concrete in the policy plan: We will continue to participate in discussions and exert influence.” Finally, attention will be paid to events with a greater impact in society, such as the Day of the Dutch Internet.

The new board wants to make membership of the association as transparent as possible. Members can make their voices heard annually at the AGM (general members meeting), but are also always welcome to contact the board.

Edwin Kennedy thinks it is an honorable job to work at Dutch Cloud Community. “And it is an interesting group to represent,” he says, based on his years of work in the sector.

More than two years ago he made a major change in his work. His biggest focus has always been ensuring a future for his youngest son, Aaron. His volunteer work was also related to this; for example for the Papageno Foundation. Aaron’s sudden death in November 2021 turned everything upside down.

Shortly afterwards, his employer Sentia was sold to Accenture. In the major recalibration that followed for life and work, it was decided that eldest son Joshua and daughter-in-law Robin would continue the Business Club Côte d’Azur completely independently. Father Kennedy placed even more emphasis on transferring knowledge, through his company SalesPulse, where he focuses on boosting commerce and also as a mentor at nlgroeit. He is also working on a book: Small talk about big deals.

He has lived and worked in India and various regions in the United States. A good conversation about baseball or the NBA is always welcome. Because he is used to getting up very early, his day sometimes even starts with a live match on television.

The observational art of martial arts is never far away. A small warning is therefore in order: another favorite quote from Confucius is ‘Open your mouth only when you are sure that what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence’. Fortunately, he also says: “It’s okay to do something wrong sometimes.”

Kennedy not only listens to what someone says but even more to why it is said. His focus on growth and big goals is firmly embedded in experience. He looks at what is needed. And if something goes wrong, he is already working on the next step.

The members of Dutch Cloud Community wanted change, and with the appointment of Edwin Kennedy, that process is in experienced hands!