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Want Results?  Get to the CAAS

You are incredibly driven to grow your business, but why isn’t it happening? We can help you realize your goals by getting to the CAAS (pronounced ‘cause’ when we say it with our Dutch accents.)

CAAS, Commerce As A Service, is a unique methodology that we have developed and implemented to great effect.


Using CAAS we have delivered results across industries, borders, and mindsets. To make it work, it all starts from the same place: understanding where your ambition comes from. What is the ultimate vision you have for your business, the dream that you see when you imagine the future you want?


Perhaps you want to stop working at 40 with enough capital to take care of you for the rest of your life. Maybe you dream of building a luxury yacht business with your partner, or maybe you are driven to help women around the world find meaningful work. Whatever the picture of deal outcome looks like, we begin by challenging you and guiding you to sharpen the focus. That can be quite an undertaking, as the true vision can be buried under dozens of other desires and expectations, some of which might not even be really yours. We peel away the layers to get you clarity on exactly what really you want to achieve.


Call it your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), your North Star, a faraway speck on the horizon, it comes down to knowing exactly what you want to have done in ten or twenty years time – even if, at the moment, it seems near-impossible. Great managers bring the big dream to life for the organization and set a course clear enough to enable real employee empowerment and engagement. When the team knows the ultimate goal, daily activities become purpose-driven and transformative – something we at SalesPulse call our “Dream Team Goal” (DTG.)


During our first session, we bring out your organization’s DTG. We’ll poke, prod, challenge, and ask “why, why, why?” until we get to what drives you. It might be uncomfortable and feel confrontational, but without transparency, we don’t have the foundation for a successful plan. Based on your articulated vision, we can lay out the steps to make it happen. We begin with an honest look at where your company is right now. Our proposal then lays out the steps to take that will deliver commercial results so that, in the end, your DTG can become a Dream Come True. Is everyone on board with this first step to CAAS? Then we move to the next phase: bringing in business.

More about that soon.